Does Your Video Rank Better If You Buy YouTube Likes

Does Your Video Rank Better If You Buy YouTube Likes

Does your video rank better if you were to purchase YouTube likes? Yes. Yes, it does. YouTube tends to bring up videos in related searches that have positive ratings and hide away videos with low ratings. A combination of positive ratings, loads of views, and watch time determine whether a video is worthwhile to promote. When you buy youtube likes, you influence one of the major metrics that determine whether a video can viably be promoted or not. Viewers on YouTube don’t only look for what’s popular. They also want something that’s approved by the community, hence why more and more people buy youtube likes along with views. Google values search result relevancy most of all, and likes on a video can help assist the algorithm in seeing your video as worthwhile of promotion.

Worthwhile of Promotion

  • Likes show that a video is worthy of its views. The more positive views you get the more likes your video will get. In order to get more views and likes aside from paying for them, you need to make interesting, topical, and great videos. A good video isn’t a guarantee you’ll get loads of views. You need proper YouTube promotion so that you can hit the right demographic or niche every time. You need active participants instead of passive watchers.
  • After all, millions of hours of videos are uploaded to the video site daily. A good video isn’t enough to ensure success. You need proper engagement. You should find a way to acquire loads of social media shares. You require loads of comment activity or free promotion from high-traffic sites like Reddit, 9gag, or 4chan. Have the people subscribe, comment, and like your video.
  • Remind them of such every end of your video. You can further appeal to the YouTube community by having a decent amount of likes to your vid that coincides with the views you’re getting (because having a few likes with a well-viewed vid arouses loads of suspicion in regards to astroturfing shenanigans). To get more comments, subscribers, views, and likes, your account should actively give as much as it takes.

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